Smart AKIS at CEMA Summit 2017 on Agriculture 4.0

Smart AKIS at CEMA Summit 2017 on Agriculture 4.0

Smart AKIS at CEMA Summit 2017 on Agriculture 4.0

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Under the title of Agriculture 4.0, last Oct 12 the 2017 CEMA Summit was held in Brussels.  The Summit discussed how the EU can help to push innovation forward & ensure adequate access to Digital Farming by farmers of all scales.

The EU should forge ahead and become a ‘world leader’ in Digital Farming, according to the conclusions of the Summit in Brussels which saw EU policy-makers, industry leaders, digital experts and representatives from the farming community come together to discuss the way forward.

With robots, intelligent machines and farm management software arriving to the world of agriculture and transforming the sector in hitherto unknown depth, Digital Farming holds the promise of bringing immense benefits to the world of farming by boosting yields, environmental protection, resource efficiency, automation, and transparency in agricultural production.

However, reinforced efforts will be needed to see Digital Farming’s enormous potential unleashed in Europe. Supportive EU policies were singled out as one important factor.

“To reap the full benefits of Digital Farming, the EU needs to devise supportive, coherent and forward-looking policies which encourage those who push the boundaries of innovative Digital Farming technologies further, such as the farm machinery industry, and help those who can make a real difference on the ground by using them: farmers and agricultural contractors”, said Richard Markwell, President of CEMA, the European trade association of the agricultural machinery industry which organized the one-day conference.

In the framework of the Summit, Maria Kernecker from ZALF Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung presented findings from Smart AKIS survey to EU farmers about smart farming in the CEMA Summit Economic Forum.

Moreover, Frits van Everts from Wageningen University & Research and Samy Aït-Amar from ACTA got to network with IoF2020 and AgroCycle projects.

Further information on CEMA Summit 2017 on Press Release.

You can download Smart AKIS presentation here.

You can also download all the presentations from the Technical Forum, Economic Forum and CEMA Summit 2017, here.

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