Smart AKIS Platform outreaches 3.000 Serbian Farmers thanks to AgroSens

Smart AKIS Platform outreaches 3.000 Serbian Farmers thanks to AgroSens

Smart AKIS Platform outreaches 3.000 Serbian Farmers thanks to AgroSens

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Smart-AKIS Platform has become an integral part of a brand new Platform for Digital Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia – AgroSens.

AgroSens platform has been launched by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia on October 3 this year as one of the strategic pillars that is aimed to enhance digital transformation process in Serbian agricultural sector and to foster IT sector to develop solutions that will be closer to the farmers. Head of the Vojvodina provincial government, Igor Mirovic, said that agriculture was “a key lever of economic development and, consequently, the Center for Digital Agriculture is the main tool for launching agriculture throughout Serbia.”

The Platform for Digital Agriculture of the Republic Serbia has been developed by BioSense Institute, Smart AKIS partner, in the course of strategic devotion of Serbian Government to reinforce the agriculture in Serbia on two different levels.

The main strategy towards the end-users (both small farmers as well as large households / agricultural companies) is to provide ready-to use information on the crops conditions and needed/suggested agro technical activities. On the other hand, the platform is dedicated for use by the government representatives in order to have precise data on crops, field conditions, yields and other inputs that are needed for establishment of successful agricultural strategy on national level and well-tailored planes for regional development. Additionally, the third group of users are extension services and companies that are focused on agricultural production.

The main aim of the platform is to provide monitoring on crops by combining processed Sentinel pictures with meteorological data (historical data and forecasts) and on the ground information received through various measurements.

The advanced algorithm processes the parcel specifications provided by the registered farmer, and suggests which smart farming technologies might be used. The algorithm takes into account all the inserted information as well as information from weather forecast. On the other side, the algorithm goes through the Smart-AKIS Platform reservoir and filters just technologies marked as TRL9. The reasoning behind this decision is that end-users (farmers) don’t want to be informed about scientific research outcomes, but rather to have information about ready-to-use solutions, available on the market. As the result, the user of AgroSens platform receives the list of available and appropriate solutions for his/her farming practice.

This links between Smart AKIS Platform and AgroSens is directly providing information on suitable smart farming technologies to the 3.000 Serbian farmers already registered in AgroSens.

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