Smart AKIS International Workshop in Novi Sad

Smart AKIS International Workshop in Novi Sad

Smart AKIS International Workshop in Novi Sad

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Smart-AKIS is the Thematic Network on Smart Farming funded by Horizon 2020 and backed up by EIP-AGRI. During the last 2 years, we have mobilized more than 1.000 actors in our Innovation Hubs in 7 countries, and identified the main needs and barriers hampering the adoption of Smart Farming in Europe.

With this backdrop, the Smart-AKIS International Workshop will bring together farmers, advisors, researchers and industrial partners from the 7 Hubs in a unique event to exchange about the solutions and proposals for overcoming those barriers and collaborate in new international initiatives in the Smart Farming field.

The international workshop will be the only event held by the Network bringing together actors from all participating countries, representing thus the main venue for the discussion and proposals for Smart AKIS Network recommendations and policy briefs for the future of Smart Farming in Europe.

  • Farmers: You will be able to communicate your needs directly to advisors, researchers and industry so they can develop tailored solutions to your needs and interests.
  • Advisors: You will learn from other regions’ advisors on new approaches and methodologies for supporting farmers in the adoption of Smart Farming Technologies.
  • Research: You will get to know research initiatives in other regions and get first-hand knowledge on end-users needs in order to steer your applied research activities.
  • Industry: You will get first-hand market knowledge from your potential customers and get to know ongoing policy and regulation initiatives.

Smart AKIS Workshop will take place in the University of Novi Sad, hosted by BioSense Institute, on March 22.

The event will be coincident with other meetings and events of ANTARES project funded with 14 Million € by Horizon 2020 programme, that is turning BioSense Institute  into a European Centre of Excellence (CoE) for advanced technologies in sustainable agriculture.

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