Smart-AKIS Conference: registration is open!

Smart-AKIS Conference: registration is open!

Smart-AKIS Conference: registration is open!

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Smart-AKIS Final Conference

Smart-AKIS will hold a final conference next June 27 in Brussels, titled “The Future of Agriculture in Europe: Smart Farming leads the way”.

You can consult the preliminary PROGRAMME of the event in this link.

You can REGISTER to the conference in this link.

After 2 years of work, the EU Smart-AKIS Network gladly invites you to attend its final conference presenting main findings on the adoption of Smart Farming Technologies in European agriculture:

When: Wednesday, 27 of June 2018.

Where: Delegation of North Rhine-Westphalia. Rue Montoyer 47, 1000. Brussels, Belgium.

From: 9:00 h – 14:30 h.

Looking ahead: best practices for the future of EU’s agriculture

The conference will be the forum to highlight the main achievements from the 30 months of work. The programme is built around the following topics:

  • Testimonials on the use of Smart Farming Technologies in Europe,
  • Best practices on how farmers, research, industry and advisors engaged in farming innovative processes and
  • First time presentation of the Recommendations and Policy Briefs resulting from the reflection process carried out during the project.

Besides, the Conference will provide an overview on the current state of play and future trends of Smart Farming in European agriculture. Open exchanges with representatives from the European Commission and experts will be essential to tuning out recommendations for the upcoming programming period of CAP and other policies supporting the adoption of Smart Farming.

Who will attend?

The Smart-AKIS Conference will gather EU policy makers, agricultural practitioners, researchers, industry leaders interested in fostering the adoption of Smart Farming Technologies in Europe.

Last but not least: Networking & Partnering in EU projects

Don’t miss the chance to make a tour at the Smart Agriculture Exhibition Village, a forum for networking with other EU funded projects and initiatives in the Smart Agriculture field, such as IoF2020, 4D4F, NEFERTITI, DataBio and INNOSETA.

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