Smart-AKIS Recommendations available now!

Smart-AKIS Recommendations available now!

Smart-AKIS Recommendations available now!

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“Ultimately, Smart Farming Technologies are another tool, not an end in themselves, supporting farmers in the agricultural process, based upon the agronomist science principles and knowledge.”

Follwing the presentation of a selection of Recommendations in the Smart-AKIS Conference held on June 27 in Brussels, Smart-AKIS is happy to share now the full report with the Recommendations drawn by the Network after 2 and a half years of work.

Recommendations are extracted from the whole of activities and processes carried out during the project, into 3 domains:

1) Enhancing innovation-driven agricultural research within the EIP-AGRI ecosystem;

2) Future Research in Smart Farming; and

3) Mainstreaming Smart Farming.

Under this last strand, 10 general recommendations and 50 specific recommendations are made targeting policy-makers, farmer community, industry, research and advisory services.

General recommendations for mainstreaming Smart Farming in Europe read as follow:

R1. Demonstrate Smart Farming’s benefits
R2. Improve Smart Farming funding
R3. Innovate on business models
R4. Ensure rural broadband connectivity
R5. Develop user friendly solutions
R6. Promote interoperability standards
R7. Promote a transparent framework for agricultural data
R8. Spur growth from agricultural data
R9. Mainstream Smart Farming into Education & Training
R10. Strengthen the AKIS role for the digital era

Main recommendations are available in a Report and also summed up in Fact-sheets. We recommend you to directly hit the factsheets in order to grasp our main messages.

You can read the full Recommendations Report in this link.

You can read the Recommendations Fact-sheets in this link.

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