Smart-AKIS Multi-Actor Innovation process in Smart Farming

Smart-AKIS Multi-Actor Innovation process in Smart Farming

Smart-AKIS Multi-Actor Innovation process in Smart Farming

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Smart-AKIS has followed the EIP-AGRI “multi-actor approach” for making research results available to practitioners as well as for capturing grassroots level ideas and needs across Europe in the field of Smart Farming Technologies (SFT).

The project has followed an interactive innovation model, engaging with different stakeholders within and outside the project, widening from regional/national to European level:

  • Interactive innovation multi-actor Regional Innovation Workshops (RIW), which has allowed for the direct dissemination of SFT solutions and the capture of grassroots-level innovations and needs in the Regional Innovation Hubs;

  • Two transnational workshops, allowing for the generation of targeted exchanges, dissemination of practical SFT solutions and cross fertilisation and cross-border collaborations in SFT innovations;

  • The Smart Farming Platform, allowing for a broad stakeholder outreach and crowdsourcing of stakeholders’ needs and innovations at the widest EU level.

This method has resulted on the one hand, in the deployment of SFT solutions with high use potential in a given Hub as selected by project partners according to technical and social criteria as well as the specificities of the regional/national cropping systems, and on the other hand in the validation of the grassroots-level needs identified as well as capturing new needs and ideas.

A central tool for interactive innovation in Smart-AKIS has been the RIWs in the 7 Regional Innovation Hubs of Smart-AKIS in France, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and UK, which have brought together research, extension, industry and farmers within and outside the project. Mains results of the process can be summed up with the following figures:

  • 20 Regional Innovation Workshops and 2 cross-border workshops.
  • 125 smart farming technologies disseminated .
  • 55 programmes, calls and instruments at regional, national and EU level disseminated for funding smart farming innovation and uptake.
  • 24 research needs coming up for grassroots level captured.
  • 37 multi-actor project ideas generated.
  • 16 cross-border multi-actor projects ideas generated.

Findings, conclusions and recommendations from the multi-actor innovation process have fed the Recommendations and Policy Briefs drawn by Smart-AKIS.

You can either read the whole consolidated Report with a description of main findings from the whole process, or the individual reports from each of the 7 Innovation Hubs.

Overall Smart-AKIS Report.

France Report.

Germany Report.

Greece Report.

Netherlands Report.

Serbia Report.

Spain Report.

UK Report.

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