Smart Farming? Agricultural technology? Precision Farming? Drones? Agricultural robots? Big Data? Satellites? Decision Support Tools?

Don’t get confused with so many terms. Many Smart Farming technologies and solutions are available at the present time for small and medium farms, but you might find it difficult to grasp which are the technologies that can be used and furthermore, what are the productivity and environmental benefits brought by their adoption.

If you want to optimise your yield, improve your finances and carry out more environmentally responsible practices, the Smart AKIS Network will guide you on how you can benefit from the latest agricultural technologies and equipment.

Smart AKIS will:
  • inform you in a simple and practical way on what Smart Farming is, and how you can benefit from the adoption of currently available solutions.
  • allow you to search, select and assess available Smart Farming solutions based upon your needs.
  • disseminate and demonstrate how the adoption of smart solutions has increased the performance of other farmers, all over Europe, allowing you to disseminate you own experiences too.
  • invite you to take part in Innovation Workshops where Smart Farming solutions will be demonstrated and you will be able to propose new uses for such solutions, as well as present your own needs that might be solved by smart technologies.
  • facilitate your contact and cooperation with other farmers, researchers, advisors and agricultural equipment companies in the framework of innovation projects for the transfer or the development of new smart solutions tailored to your real needs and interests.

Smart AKIS for Farmers:

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