Innovation broker

If you are an agricultural advisor, extensionist or agricultural or innovation consultant, you are probably aware of the potential of Smart Farming, but you also might be overwhelmed by the wide array of technologies and suppliers, missing the transfer of such knowledge to your clients, the farming community.

As an Innovation Broker, you can also play a key role as a facilitator and intermediary agent, bringing together the research, industry and farmer communities, so that new Smart Farming solutions which fit the needs and interests of farmers are brought to the market.

If you want to provide a better service to your farmers, the Smart AKIS Network will guide you on which are the most useful Smart Farming solutions, as well as the most effective methods for transferring and adopting such solutions and their involvement in new collaborative innovation projects with research and industry.

Smart AKIS will:
  • inform you of the latest trends on Smart Farming.
  • provide guidance on how to better disseminate and demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of Smart Farming to your clients, allowing you to disseminate your own experiences among advisors and Innovation Brokers from all over Europe.
  • allow you to search, select and assess available Smart Farming technologies based upon your clients’ needs in order to provide a better advisory service.
  • invite you to take part in Innovation Workshops where Smart Farming solutions will be demonstrated and you will be able to propose new uses for such solutions, as well as present the needs faced by your farmers that might be solved by Smart Farming technologies.
  • facilitate your contact and cooperation with farmers, researchers, other advisors and agricultural equipment companies for the promotion of innovation projects or Operational Groups for the transfer or the development of new smart solutions tailored to farmers’ real needs and interests.
Smart AKIS for Innovation Brokers:
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