If you are a researcher in a University, Research & Technology Organisation or company involved in Research & Innovation actions on Smart Farming technologies, you may have very promising inventions, patents and solutions but do you know if there is a real demand for such technologies or solutions? You may also have difficulties in reaching potential end-users, companies or investors for assessing the transfer and market uptake of your solutions.

If you want your research results to be transferred into marketable products and services impacting on the European Smart Farming field, the Smart AKIS Network will help you disseminate your knowledge and solutions and get you in contact with end-users, farmers and the Smart Farming equipment industry.

Smart AKIS will:
  • inform you of the real needs faced by farmers in Europe allowing you to come up with innovative solutions and new approaches for your knowledge and technologies.
  • allow you to showcase and disseminate your technologies and solutions to a wide number of farmers all over Europe.
  • invite you to take part in Innovation Workshops where your research results based on Smart Farming solutions will be demonstrated where farmers will help you in identifying new uses for such solutions.
  • facilitate your contact and cooperation with farmers, other researchers, advisors and agricultural equipment companies for the promotion of innovation projects or Operational Groups for the transfer or the development of new smart solutions tailored to farmers’ real needs and interests.
Smart AKIS for Researchers:
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