Innovation hubs

As a Thematic Network, Smart AKIS will follow a multi-actor approach looking for the joint definition of innovation projects and initiatives.

This approach will take place in seven Innovation Hubs all over Europe, where Smart AKIS partners will engage farmers, the industry, research community, advisory services, Operational Groups, in 3 Innovation Workshops to be held at each Hub in 2017 and 2018.

Innovation Workshops will allow the:

  • Dissemination, experimentation and demonstration of available Smart Farming technologies and solutions, both commercial and research results based.
  • Identification of innovative uses for available Smart Farming solutions and the definition of commercialization strategies for research based technologies not available on the market yet.
  • Assessment of farmer community needs and project ideas which might be solved through new Smart Farming solutions.

As a result of the Innovation Workshops, Smart AKIS is looking for the emergence of new collaborative innovation projects and Operational Groups on Smart Farming for the transfer and adoption of specific Smart Farming Technologies by the farming community and the development of new Smart Farming solutions following the needs of the farming community.

1st Smart AKIS Innovation Workshops calendar

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in FRANCE.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in GERMANY.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in GREECE.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in NETHERLANDS.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in SERBIA.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in SPAIN.

Smart AKIS Innovation Workshop in UK.

If you are interested in taking part on one of the seven Innovation Hub workshops, getting further information about Smart AKIS, or have any questions about Smart AKIS in your Hub, you can contact your Innovation Hub Contact Point.

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