acta_logo As network leader for animal and plant supply chains, ACTA federates 15 French technical agricultural institutes and represents them with professional authorities at the national and European levels. The ITAs (Technical Agricultural Institutes) represent the applied research level of French agricultural research and development system.

ACTA and the ITAs were created and are still directed by farmers. They are aimed to identify farmers’ expectations in terms of research and to give them applicable results. They provide an interface between farmers’ needs and academic research. Their activities aim to improve farm competitiveness and to adapt production systems to the society expectations.

Each ITA represents one or few production area(s) whereas ACTA carries on research on transversal and cross cutting innovative themes, for example innovative cropping systems, fertilization and environment, energy management, modelling and new information and communication technics. The Institutes give a complete technical support to production actors and carry out research on behalf of farmers’ groups. They play major roles in sciences and technologies watch, experimentation, knowledge assembly, dissemination, training and supporting public policies.

ifv_logo IFV (French Vine and Wine Institute) is the French institute of R&D for vine and wine. IFV is a centre of innovation, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination. Another of the IFV’s missions is to manage the cohesion between all the French R&D organization in the vine and wine sectors. 140 scientists and engineers are in charge of ampelography, agronomic studies, oenology, microbiology, mechanization and so on. They are developing their researches in 18 centres based in all French vineyard areas. Laboratories are officially recognized for agronomy and oenology trials or studies. IFV is a centre of innovation, technology transfer and knowledge transmission destined to the French vine and wine sectors. It helps the cohesion between all the French R&D organization in the vine and wine sectors. Mean qualities of the French Vine and Wine Institute are a range of professional competences covering all the skills needed for the production of wines, a network established in the main French wine regions, multidisciplinary teams with means of experimentation, board members representing all professionals of the wine industry, an interface between professionals and research teams, a capacity to innovate, to transpose and to valorise research results.

arvalis_logo ARVALIS – Institut du vegetal is a French technical institute (staff: 400) in charge of applied research on cereals, maize, potatoes, flax, tobacco and forage crops. It is run and financed by farmers. It aims at developing, and providing tools, techniques and services to farmers, agricultural organizations and firms in order to produce always more, and better, in a context of evolving European and international rules-based environment and economics. The Institute has effective means through various local sites in every region of France, with a broad range of activities. It operates from the field scale to post-harvest stages and first processes. ARVALIS works in strong relations with breeders and inputs firms (seeds, nutrients and phytochemicals), as well as feed, food and non-food industries. As an applied research institute, it interfaces with French and international basic research infrastructures such as INRA, IRSTEA, and Universities (collaborating through various research projects) and development services such as Chambers of Agriculture and economic operators. Every year more than 2000 experimental trials are set in more than 50 locations representative of various contexts of arable crop farming in France.

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