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P11_CEMA logo  wording_upside down_HR CEMA is the association representing the European agricultural machinery industry. With 10 national member associations, the CEMA network represents both large multinational companies as well as the numerous European SMEs active in this sector. CEMA includes more than 4,500 manufacturers, generating an aggregated annual turnover of more than EUR 26 billion. 135,000 people are directly employed in the sector, with a further 125,000 people working in distribution and maintenance.

CEMA’s mission is to work towards a balanced legislative and regulatory framework in the EU that:

  • enables the industry to provide smart solutions to help farmers worldwide to grow food affordably and sustainably
  • supports the competitiveness of the industry in Europe
  • promotes a deeper understanding of the European agricultural machinery industry among EU decision-makers, regulators and stakeholders.

Precision Farming has been firmly placed as a priority on CEMA’s agenda for the coming years. In October 2013, CEMA organised an interactive exhibition in the European Parliament on “Smart equipment for sustainable agriculture – Precision Farming: producing more with less” which showcased precision farming systems available on the market as well as best practices regarding different types of machines.

As the voice of the agricultural machinery industry in Europe, CEMA regularly organizes and participates in events to explain and discuss issues such as the uptake and benefits of smart precision farming technologies in EU agriculture. In this context, CEMA maintains close contacts with institutional representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission as well as key stakeholders from the agri-food chain to discuss relevant initiatives in the areas of EU industrial, digital, research, and agricultural policy such as, for instance, the future of the CAP after 2020.

As a pan-European platform, CEMA acts as a forum in which industry representatives from the R&D, marketing or engineering departments come together to discuss how EU legislation affects agricultural machinery production in Europe and how innovative technology-based solutions by the agricultural machinery industry can help to address current and future challenges for European agriculture.

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Beatriz Arribas, Communications Officer
+32 (0) 2 706 81 73
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