Fédération Régionale des CUMA de l’Ouest

cuma_logo FRcuma Ouest is the Western France regional federation of CUMA (agricultural equipment cooperatives called “Coopératives d’Utilisation de Matériels Agricoles” in French). Each CUMA consists of several farmer members who get together to make joint investments in order to buy agricultural equipment and to use it on their farms. A CUMA can also hire staff to maintain or to drive the equipment. As places of exchange of practices and reflection, as local economic partners with an ethic of mutual aid and solidarity, the CUMA contribute through their activities to the balance between the development of men, production and territory. The CUMA have a key role in optimisation of the cost of mechanisation, organisation for an efficient work and purchase of high-performance equipment.

FRcuma Ouest regroups about 2.500 CUMA in the 3 administrative regions that compose western France.

FRcuma Ouest also manages the 12 departmental federations (county) of the CUMA network on this area.

The main missions of FRcuma Ouest are:

  • provide advice as well as technical, economical and legal help,
  • produces technical references: cost price guides for CUMA equipment, qualitative monitoring of agricultural – equipment (users advice on up-to-date equipment),
  • anticipates and encourages new cooperative projects in the community
  • ensures trainings, organises outdoors demonstrations, experimentations and tests with constructors.

Contact Person

Stéphane Volant
+332 99 54 63 15
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