Instituto de Tecnologías Agrarias y Agroalimentarias

P6_INTIA LogoCompleto The Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA) (staff 200) is a public company attached to the Department of Rural Development, Industry, Employment and Environment of the Government of Navarra.

INTIA was born in 2011 integrating already existing public companies related to the agrifood sector in Navarra such as the Technical Institute for Agricultural Management, the Technical Institute for Livestock Management, and the Institute for Agrifood Certification. These Institutes had been active on the agrifood development area for more than 30 years. INTIA offers advanced market-oriented services for the development of the agrifood sector based on quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability criteria. INTIA includes a section with qualified staff offering training and technical advice on agriculture and livestock. The irrigation Department at INTIA was in charge of the development of the Navarra Canal and its irrigation zone.

INTIA has specialised staff working on Extensive Farming of cereals (in irrigation and rain fed conditions), Horticulture and Orchards, with a broad and integrated vision of cropping systems. INTIA is involved in several EU and national projects regarding sustainable agrifood production, including social, environmental and economic aspects. INTIA collects and analyses indicators at the farm, product and regional level, especially in relation to energy, greenhouse and water footprint of products, efficiency in the use of nutritional elements (e.g. nitrogen) and its pollutant effects in soil and air.

INTIA staff includes specialists on agriculture economic analysis, who are responsible for analysing the economic viability of the alternatives proposed to the farmers. This is the case of new services, such as WebGis services, in which INTIA is currently involved, and the introduction of new technologies such as multi spectral images and Precision Agriculture.

Contact Person

Alberto Lafarga, R&I projects coordinator
+34 948 013 040
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