Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research

P3_zalf_Logo_cmyk Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research is a national research facility with more than 100 scientists. Research focuses on integrated analysis of agricultural landscapes for sustainable management of soil, land and water, conservation of natural and cultural resources, and sustainable development of rural areas.

Activities are focused on the development of methods and models that can be used to anticipate changes of land use systems and to evaluate the impact on land use changes on environmental, social and economic sustainability indicators. The aim is to support decision making of land use management and policy decisions. Innovations, like new cultivation methods or the use of modern technologies often hit on acceptance problems or are connected with conflicts of utilisation; therefore a comprehensive assessment is necessary. Rural development, agricultural system services and agricultural prosperity are core targets.

The research of ZALF combines socio-economic and spatial perspectives on multifunctional land use and knowledge backgrounds as a basis for further work on land use conflict issues and regional coping strategies. This is complemented by an explicitly transdisciplinary focus, with continuous integration of and exchange with practical perspectives and knowledge, as expressed by communication strategies (workshops, trainings/seminars, dialogues, public presentations and publications in stakeholder-oriented media).

ZALF is involved on national and European level in researching, developing and transferring tools and techniques for more productive and sustainable farming practises. ZALF’s expertise is evidenced by its role in various national and European research networks and projects. Recent examples are: FutureFarm, SPARD, CLAIM, PRO AKIS and FLINT (all FP7 projects). In the PRO AKIS project, an overview of the agricultural knowledge and information systems (AKIS) institutions and interactions in the EU 27 is provided. Policy recommendations for the strengthening of European agricultural innovation systems will be developed and further research needs designated.

Contact Person

Maria Kernecker
+49 33432 82 448
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