Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

P9_logo_APV_PSAWF The Executive Council of The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is the executive organ of the Province. For its actions it is accountable to the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The rights and duties of the Executive Council are laid down by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and by the Statute of the Autonomous Province as its supreme legal act. Provincial Secretariat of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (APV), as a part of Regional Government of Vojvodina, covers activities in the area of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (APV), as a part of Regional Government of Vojvodina, is active in the fields Agriculture, Forestry, Hunting, Water, Food Industry, Veterinary, Plant Protection, Fisheries, Agrarian cooperatives and Rural development.

PSAWF prepares the acts for the Parliament and the Executive Council that refer to:

  • The programme of agricultural and farm development;
  • The programme of water management: Water use survey (population water‐supply, irrigation, industry water‐supply, river traffic, fishing, tourism), Water protection (source of pollution, installations of waste water cleaners), Protections of water (flood protection, drainage);
  • The programme of rural development;
  • The programme of land consolidation;
  • Determining the activities of the extension services for the improvement of agricultural production through the following programmes: Programme for the protection and improvement of agriculture soil; Control of the fertility of agricultural land (includes the analysis of arable land owned by individual agricultural producers and free recommendations for fertilizing in the next 4 years); Farmers education programs; Performing surveillance of the work of extension services. Agricultural extension service is an “extended hand” of the APV, in the field – the instrument through which agricultural policy measures are partly implemented and new technologies put into practice.

APV is currently founding the Service for forecast and monitoring of Crop pests and diseases, Hazardous material in agricultural land, water and irrigation canals.

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